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We provide solutions for ready-made bus stop, withstand harsh weather condition.

Decontamination Systems

Haris Industries has created several decontamination systems, The most important characteristics of our products are that they are managed with the least number of manpower, and they may be prepared for work fastly as they do not exceed five minutes in most products.

VIP Indoor Flagpoles

We provide VIP and custom-made flagpoles. Flagpole size and flag depend on customer's request. You can be placed in the council, office, entrances to buildings, companies, etc., and the foundation's logo can be engraved to be placed on the base of the pole.

outdoor Flag pole

The flag pole is made of anti-rust material. The height is 4.5 meters.

CBRN Shelters

We work to provide shelters equipped with protection systems against weapons of mass destruction, as we believe that they have become necessary to protect VIPs or work areas in which there are important personalities, as well as providing protection for those in isolated work areas in order to ensure business continuity in all difficult circumstances and situations.

home café / Food truck / Agricultural container

Containers with different designes, as the user's request

Drawing Templates Symbols

size 29 x 30 cm with NATO symbols. Brown color and transparent plastic. More than 100 Symbols, letters and numbers. With a phosphorescent color on the numbers.

Quick Build Containers

Harris Industries provides quick Build Containers in different forms such as (bedrooms, warehouses, meeting rooms, health facilities, shops, restaurants, kitchens, guard rooms, fuel filling stations, mobile clinics, refugee relief camps...etc.) where residential containers are considered better than tents in terms of safety, security, order, and protection from fire, dust, rain, wind, rain, cold weather, and the danger of electrical connections.

HARES launch ceremony

HARES Industrial was launched in the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi. We were honored by the presence of many government, local agencies and partners. Thanks God

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